My #1 Favourite Chocolate Cheesecake

The day has arrived! I’ve finally tried baking the recipe for chocolate cheesecake that I found on this recipe website here. I wanted to share the recipe for my favourite chocolate cheesecake!

This thick and ultra-creamy chocolate cheesecake is one of the best things I’ve ever baked! It’s so smooth and creamy it melts in your mouth. I made a similar chocolate cheesecake for Christmas Eve last year and everyone wanted the recipe. This one, though, takes the cake (so to speak) And I’ve already received multiple requests to make it for our family Easter celebration party (depending on what we are able to do by the time this Coronavirus rolls over us). I don’t mind one bit because this cheesecake is freezer friendly! Meaning I can make it up to two months in advance and then just pull if out of the freezer when needed. Does it get better than that?!

I’m confident that after one slice, you’ll be equally smitten with this decadent chocolate cheesecake. Let me know your thoughts!!

My #1 Favourite Chocolate Cheesecake 1
Chocolate Cheesecake from GoTukkr

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