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Mother’s Day baking projects for kids

Are you looking for something to keep the kids entertained on Mother’s Day – while also spending some quality time with them?
Get together and do some baking with them. Quality time and hopefully some quality baked good coming out as well.

Little kids will be bursting with enthusiasm when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, so help them channel it into something special, which uses their time and creative skills. Taking the time to make something with the kids in advance will show how much thought and love has gone into your gift, and you’re bound to get a little credit for the kids’ creations.

Ready, steady bake

Feeling brave? Try making an afternoon tea to really show the love – we’ve got cakes and bakes that all ages will love making. You might want to keep a wet cloth to hand to clean up as you go; kids can be enthusiastic when it comes to stirring and decorating!

Lemon curd & blueberry cake

Blueberry and lemon loaf cake with icing and flower topping

This beautifully moist cake is a springtime treat the whole family will love – just make sure little hands don’t get in there first! Serve with extra lemon curd and yogurt, and a license for a long relax…

Apple pie

Kids will love preparing this comforting family favourite almost as much as mum will love eating it. This recipe has been specifically written with children in mind, so they can even have a go at making and rolling their own shortcrust pastry – mum will be proud!

Chocolate orange tart

Chocolate tart topped with orange peelings

This clever no-bake tart can be assembled almost entirely by little hands, they’ll just need supervision when using the food processor. Start them early, experimenting with all-natural ingredients such as dates, coconut oil, ground almonds and raw cacao. 

Vanilla cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes on a stand, topped with icing and sprinkles

These cute cupcakes will be a lovely surprise for mum. Kids can help by stirring up the simple sponge mixture and decorating with a swirl of buttercream. Get creative with food colourings and edible sprinkles for a special finish. If mum prefers something more chocolatey, try these amazing cocoa cupcakes instead.

Chocolate traybake

Rectangular chocolate traybake topped with sprinkles and smarties in a CAKE word formation.

Leave a special message on this fudgy chocolate cake using colourful sweets, edible sprinkles, nuts and chocolate shavings. Our American-style traybake is super-easy to make, can be prepared in advance and cuts into even portions. Remember to leave some for mum!

Funfetti biscuits

Funfetti-decorated biscuits in a gift box

Make a batch of these colourful biscuits while mum gets a long lie in. Children will have a lovely time getting messy with plenty of sprinkles, and the end results are delicious. Present with a cup of tea and homemade card.

Chocolate cheesecake

Orange cheesecake topped with orange segments

This simple cheesecake is absolutely delicious, and not overly complicated. The recipe I used is linked below if you want details for this one. Simple enough for the kids to help with, and lots of fun still.
Find the chocolate cheesecake recipe here.

Chocolate brownie cake

Nothing says love like squidgy chocolate goo, and this five-star-rated recipe really couldn’t be simpler. This is especially great for the nervous baker as it’s pretty much fail-proof.


Mother's Day baking projects for kids 1

This sweet treat can be tedious to make without good concentration, so why not get the little hands involved in layering the thin filo pastry for this baklava. If you’re not sure how much the kids will love the walnuts in this recipe, consider replacing them with a combination of roasted hazelnuts and Nutella. What a dream
Find the recipe for this baklava here.

Whatever you end up doing or producing, enjoy every moment of the time you get to spend with the little ones. It’s all precious time. Plenty more Mothers Day ideas to come – Happy Mother’s Day.

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