How do you make your heavenly baklava?

There’s so many ways to make baklava. Honestly, once you put the time and effort into it, I think there’s really no way to go wrong. It’s versatile in the fillings you can use, and always cures my hankering for something sweet. What’s more, it keeps, so it doesn’t leave you with any unnecessary pressure to eat it before it goes bad.

Now, how do you make your baklava?

I started with this baklava recipe as a base.

This recipe calls for walnuts, lots and lots of walnuts.
Now there is nothing wrong with that – not in the slightest. But I did want to share another 2 of my favourite variations.

1- Pistachios

Replace the walnuts with pistachios for a vibrant green hue in your decadent and flakey baklava. Pistachio nuts add an unmistakeable flavour to the baklava which changes the whole flavour profile. Definitely worth a try, if you haven’t tried it this way before!

2 – Hazelnuts

Now, you can just replace the walnuts in this recipe for hazelnuts – that’s easy. But if you’re feeling a little bit cheeky, let’s add some Nutella. This unique flavour adds a choc-hazelnut flavour and also helps to bind the layers. You will need to add warm water to reduce the thickness of the Nutella to be able to spread it around the dish. I recommend chopping and then roasting the hazelnuts briefly in the oven before adding them to help bring that nutty flavour out. Feel free to reduce the sweetness in the syrup for this one, so it’s not too overwhelmingly sweet.

How do you make your heavenly baklava? 1
Baklava Recipe at

Now it’s your turn though – let me know what your variations look like, and also what your #1 favourite is.

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