A Prayer for Overwhelmed Mothers

It’s true—being a mom is amazing and rewarding, but at times, it can be just plain scary. And there are times when being a mother is so overwhelming, There are moments when you think to yourself “is this really happening right now?”—and all you can do is approach God in prayer. For instance, when you […]

How to Make Self-Raising Flour

self raising flour

Self-rising flour is a staple ingredient in many recipes! Learn how to make it with this quick, easy substitution recipe. It only takes 3 simple ingredients! Have you ever started a recipe and realized that you didn’t have enough of a specific ingredient called for in that recipe? It is a frustrating thing when that […]

Storing Flour

Back in the day, a well-stocked home baker’s pantry might include all-purpose flour (or self rising, if you were a Southerner), bread and/or cake flour (if the baker was into cakes or bread), cornstarch, and degerminated cornmeal. All were kept in the cupboard or pantry and there was no need to worry about spoilage. There […]

Cooking for 2

I started out small-batch cooking when I was living on my own. It was more of a necessity back then. While I could eat an entire 9-by-13 tray of lasagna, it didn’t necessarily mean I should. And sure, I froze extra portions of food—for a while. And then one day I woke up to a freezer full […]

Tiger nut flour… tiger what??

Tiger nuts are not nuts. Nor do they have anything to do tigers. Tiger nuts are actually crunchy tubers that taste sweet and nutty. I bought a bag of tiger nut flour out of curiosity—not because it’s loaded with nutrition, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, paleo-friendly, and a resistant starch (prebiotic). I just wondered what the heck it was […]