“I seriously ‘snuck’ one from the box I’m giving to friends and I should have ordered more. They are spectucular, melt-in-your-mouth, wowza morsels of deliciousness! Thanks, Shannon!!!”

“Everyone RAVED about your cookies and cake!!!!!! If you need a testimonial…I shall happily write one!!!! DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Same happened at our house… nary a crumb remained…”

“Thanks for the deliciousness you brought to our Christmas night! Everything was even better than it looked in the pictures, who knew that could be possible!  Everyone loved the cake, pie, and cookies.  My daughter who is getting married in May wants to talk to you about that cake and cupcakes!”

“OOOOOH MYYYYY GOOOODNESSSSS!!! Thank you so much for those ginger cookies!! They are delicioooouuuuuussss!

“Your cake was SOOO good that that baby wanted to come out and have a taste for herself! It was THAT good!  P.S…. even if it makes people go into labor because of it’s deliciousness, BEST.CAKE.EVER. You rock!”

“Shannon, the cake was amazing!  Absolutely beautiful.  Everyone oohed and aahed over it.  It was delicious too!  Thank you so much.  The christening was beautiful.

“The Christmas cookies are amazing!  Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

“Thank you for the peanut butter cake, my family loved it!

“Everything was such a huge hit.  The cake and cupcakes and meringues were awesome.  People were about to fight over the cupcakes!  I saved one small piece of the cake and just ate it.  Yum Yum!!! Thank you for helping to make the day perfect!

Thank you Shannon for your thoughtful donation to the Paul Stefan Home Christmas Open House! All of the desserts you made were AMAZING!!! GOD BLESS!!