Menu with Pricing

This is just a sampling – we’re always changing and adding new things to our menu selections.  So if there’s something you would like that you don’t see here, just ask!  We’d love to make your favorite goodie.


Standard 10-inch frosted – $60
Standard 8-inch frosted – $45
Standard 6-inch frosted – $30
Wedding Cakes start at $3.25 per serving
*Add $5 for fresh fruit filling and/or topping

*Custom decorated cake prices vary depending on size, decoration, and frosting/fondant

Flavors: (Some flavors have an added cost for specialty ingredients)
Caramel Sundae – Add $5
Carrot (with or without nuts) with cream cheese frosting – Add $5
Chocolate (with vanilla buttercream, whipped chocolate ganache, whipped hazelnut ganache, or peppermint frosting)
Chocolate Raspberry – Add $5
Citrus Blueberry or Citrus Raspberry – Add $5
Espresso (chocolate cake with espresso Italian meringue buttercream)
Mounds (chocolate cake with coconut frosting)
Peanut Butter Chocolate (chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and poured chocolate ganache)
Pink Lemonade
Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting – Add $5
S’mores (chocolate cake with graham cracker and chocolate filling, topped with homemade toasted marshmallow frosting)
Thai Basil (seasonal) – Add $5

*Additional seasonal flavors and other flavors upon request.  Ask which cakes can be made GLUTEN-FREE for an additional charge of $5.00 per cake.


Plain frosted cupcakes
Standard flavors – 2 dozen for $40, 1 dozen for $24
Premium flavors (Thai Basil, Irish Car Bombs, etc.) – 2 dozen for $50, 1 dozen for $30
Fondant-decorated cupcakes prices vary depending on design detail. 2 dozen minimum.
Wedding Cupcakes are priced based on the particular customer’s needs. Please call to schedule a tasting and consultation

PIES ($35)

Apple Crumb
Banana Cream (or Chocolate Banana Cream)
Coconut Cream
Fruit Pies based on seasonal fruits and berries

COOKIES (2 dozen minimum order per cookie type unless otherwise specified)

JUMBO Chocolate Chip – $18 per dozen
Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons – $18 per dozen
Dark Chocolate – $8 per dozen (4 dozen minimum)
Ginger – $8 per dozen (4 dozen minimum)
Meringues (gluten-free) – $6 per dozen (4 dozen minimum)
Oatmeal (raisin or chocolate chip) – $8 per dozen (4 dozen minimum)
Peanut Butter Kiss cookies (gluten-free) – $10 per dozen
Red Velvet w/ cream cheese filling – $18 per dozen
Snickerdoodles – $8 per dozen (4 dozen minimum)
Sugar cookie cut-outs – start at $24 per dozen, price varies depending on size and frosted design

BARS and other treats (per dozen)

Salted Caramel Brownies (OR Apple Brownies) – $15
Peanut Butter Balls (gluten-free) – $8 (3 dozen minimum)
Pecan Pie Bars – $15 (2 dozen minimum)

MUFFINS (per dozen)

Banana Nut – $15
Blueberry-Banana with oatmeal brown sugar topping – $15
Bran – $10
Chocolate-Chocolate Chip – $15
Lemon Poppyseed – $15
Pumpkin Ginger with cinnamon streusel topping – $15
other varieties upon request